There's been a lot of drama, including the battle between Vee and Red. Why do you think Gloria doesn't want to be involved?

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What is an example of an synonym?

Synonyms are two or more words that have the same meaning. Some  examples would be soft and easy, pretty and beautiful, or skip and  scamper.

Examples of synonyms?

examples of synonyms: big, huge, giganticmild, timid, meekangry, enraged, furioussmall, tiny, punysmart, brilliant, intelligent, scholarlyskilled, talented, giftedquick, fast,

Example of synonym?

the synonym are different word that have the same meaning or about  the same?   the antonymof a particular word is one thaht has the opposite  meaning
What is a synonym for example?

What is a synonym for example?

The synonyms include: instance, sample, specimen, exemplar, case, illustration, model, pattern, paradigm, standard, paragon, or demonstration.

What is synonym and its example?

  definition : one of two or more words or expressions of the same language that have the same or nearly the same meaning in some or all senses example :synonyms for examp

Where do you find a 50 pairs of synonyms?

Some of them are triplet, quadruplet... of synonyms 1. tip hint (when tip means advise)2. poisonous toxic3. immerse submerge4. big large huge enormous5. incorrect wrong6. humb
What is an example of pair?

What is an example of pair?

a pair of earringsa pair of glassesa pair of glovesa pair of gogglesa pair of mittenspair of pantsa pair of pliersa pair of scissorsa pair of shoesa pair of shortsa pair of sl