Can taking turpentine orally kill all parasites?

Can taking turpentine orally kill all parasites?
Turpentine is distilled from pine trees. We think of turpentine as something to clean out paint brushes with but it has been used since the 1800s for cleansing parasites and candida. The problem is the taste.

I've tried it and it didn't kill em but I got over a four day cold and I feel really good.
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Does black walnut hull kill parasites?

Does black walnut hull kill parasites?

    Available scientific evidence does not support claims that hulls from black walnuts remove parasites from the intestinal tract or that they are effective in treati…

What is turpentine?

What is turpentine?

  turpentine yellow to brown semifluid oleoresin exuded from the sapwood of pines, firs, and other conifers. It is made up of two principal components, an essential oil an…

Do most parasites kill their hosts?

No , but usually the parasite depends on the host to live the only time parasites will kill their host is if they switch to another host.Atniw

Why are all viruses consider parasites?

viruses are considered parasites (obligate parasites) because they cannot exist on their own. they need the host cell's machinery to reproduce so they cannot "survive" (techni…

Does white spirit or turpentine kill cockroaches?

  Yes, you can drown them in it or smash them with the can. Otherwise, the little devils will just run away and clean themselves off while they hide in your cornflake box…

Can turpentine kill head lice?

Can turpentine kill head lice?

Yes but it's a very bad idea and can cause issues, the fumes mess with the brain and it's VERY easy to catch fire. The smallest spark will set flames to the person


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