A logo is an icon or emblem used by companies to associate the product to the brand. The logo is an image that embodies the organization to produce public recognition.
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My opinion is the team's shop itself if you want authentic, true clothes without the thought of being deceived. For instance, if you wanted a Sacramento Kings jersey, just go to the website called Kings.com. You can also try NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, NCAA, and MLS (with the ".com" at the end). You can …
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The shape of the Saints logo is a fascinating piece of history. It consists of three small extensions on bottom extending down and out, then a small dividing belt, then three much larger extensions extending up and out. The space underneath the two large outward protruding arms, including the belt a…
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They've had a few. Check out www.logoserver.com to see most of them.
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Its An M that stand for Montreal, in that M there a red e for Expos and a blue b that stand for baseball.the "M" is for Montreal made up of:the red "e" is for exposthe white "lower case L" is for leaguethe blue "b" is for baseball
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Answer The Montreal Expos, born in 1969, were named after the World Fair held in Montreal in 1967, known as Expo 67. Expo is short for the french word "Exposition", which means "Exhibition" in English. In 2004 however, Expos takes on a whole new meaning: "Exposed" to MLB's machinations, lies…
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The logo that the NFL uses was created in 1960.
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Buy the image. Purchased stock images do not have the logo. A logo or watermark is an indication of who owns the rights to use for that image and you need to obtain that from them either through buying or renting it (for a limited amount of distributions through media). Removing a watermark, logo, o…
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Stock Ticker XOM The ticker symbol for Exxon Mobil is XOM and it is traded on the New York Stock Exchange.
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Answer I just counted, there's 22.
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custom font That is not a standard font, is a custom design font graphic.
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Kansas knowledgeIt stands for the the man who started the Copenhagen brand in 1822, Mr. Weyman. "CW" stands for "Weyman's Copenhagen"
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It means a picture used to represent a brand like if you search the "adidas logo" in google images then you will see the lines above the represents a mountain
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A team's name, uniform, and logo are registered trademarks of the team itself. The NFL, obviously, must give their approval to the logo. In the case of the Houston Texans, the most recent expansion team, the NFL actively participated with owner Robert McNair in the design and creation of their log…
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I don't know, but it was blue when I was first trained on International Business Machines equipment by the U.S.A.F. in 1966. I suspect it goes back to their original color choice when they started electronic accounting machines in about 1956. Many companies retain color schemes. The blue Ford scrip…
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A name, symbol, or trademark designed for easy and definite recognition, especially one borne on a single printing plate or piece of type. For the source and more detailed information concerning this issue, click on the related links section indicated below.
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Answer No. All NFL logos are protected by, in some cases, both trademark and copyright law.
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Answer Incised 901 Nord is the closest match I can get for the font used in the Barnsley Borough Council logo. Hope this helps.
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The "swoosh" trademark was created as part of a series of designs by Carolyn Davidson, a student at Portland State University (Oregon) in 1971. She was famously paid just $35 for her work by Nike founder Phil Knight.
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It is the ICA HQ emblem. It means For Thou Shall Infamley Shout The word Of The zen. Thou Shou Help you.
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The Fruit of the Loom guys, like the logo, include purple grapes, green grapes, a red apple and a fig leaf.If you're looking for the "Peanut Butter Jelly Time" song in one of their commercials, tough luck, kid....Uhmm I find this perverted. *snicker snicker* A banana... in the underwe- BAHAHAHAHA!
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Iams, the pet food company
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Iams, the pet food company.
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Lyle and Scott
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Rolex has a crown as their logo.
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I find this question difficult to answer, is this for every company in the world, within a specific sector, etc. You need to provide more information in order for someone to provide a valid answer. Logos A-Z  A ACAcuraAlfa RomeoApple Aston MartinAudi   Bing BMWBugattiBuickBurger King…
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There are a few companies that have gold crown logos, the most notable of which are: Agio Cigars Comune di Roma Corona Extra Corona Crown Jewel Cigars Crown Royal Cunard Hallmark Hallmark Gold Crown Princess Casino Rolex
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I'd be interested to know what type of firearm you saw this on. The first one which comes to mind is the Royal Small Arms Factories (such as the infamous Enfield factory).
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Monogram Logos are logos that are created to form a design that includes 2 or more letters. A perfect example is BD
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Raiders and Buccaneers
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The Coleman company
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In the Old Testament book of Judges, chapter 7, Gideon's army of 300 men carried pitchers with torches as they went up against the Midianites. I think this is the story behind the logo.
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1.audi 2.amd 3.starbucks 4.adidas 5.shell 6. converse 7.atari 8.samsonite 9.bmw 10.subaru 11.black and decker 12.lego 13.kodak 14.evisu 15.subway 16.harley davidson 17.fruit of the loom 18.kelloggs 19.lamborghini 20.levis 21.lg 22.mini 23.pizza hut 24. giorgio armani 25.bose …
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most would think that it stands for Green Bay, but actually it stands for greatness.
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MSN's logo is a butterfly.
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As an image, a logo is automatically protected by copyright as soon as it is fixed in a tangible medium. If you want to use it in commerce, you may wish to register it as a trademark.
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Tony the Tiger has been the mascot of Kellogg's Frosted Flakes since 1951.
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Because it is a symbol of China, Chinese food
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for quantas it is a kangaroo and for jetstar star :)
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Paramount Pictures
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That is the Baidu company. It is a Chinese web services company, headquartered in Beijing.
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Champion (the sportswear company) uses the slogan "How you play."
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It might actually be LV for Louis Vuitton
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movistar .....
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The logo quiz app shows you different logos and you have to guess what the logos mean. There are eight levels to the app and of course, each one has its own set of answers. There are more than 500 different logos/brands across eight levels of the app. For more on the answers to the levels, see the r…
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That is the Baidu company. It is a Chinese web services company, headquartered in Beijing.
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It's actually LV and it's Louis Vuitton.
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There are many websites that have all the Logo Quiz answers (including images and the names). Please see related links section.
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The question is too broad because there are many logos containing T's in Logo quiz. For the correct answer to all the levels visit: logoquizanswer.blogspot.com
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Semase Street
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Ubs ( if your playing the game logos ;)
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American Eagle, only has 4 characters
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The answer is walkman (The logo is for the old Sony Walkman)
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Swatch SA, which is based in Switzerland, specializes in manufacturing watches. Their logo is most likely inspired by the Swiss flag and coat of arms, which also features a white cross on red background.
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Amazon uses this shortened version of its logo. Normally their logo spells out the word "Amazon," and the arrow is underneath pointing from the a to the z, meaning that amazon sells everything from a to z. Sometimes they use the smaller logo of just the letter a and the arrow, though.
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The answers to the Logos Quiz for iPhone, iPad, iPod ans Android App are: AccentureAmerican EagleAmtrakAOLBaiduBlizzardBudweiserCarharttChampionChevronChryslerChupa ChupsCNNConverseDaewooDominosDoveDucatiDunkin DonutsEA SportsEvianFBIFedexFilaFirefoxFirestoneFujitsuGarminGreenpeaceGuinnessHBOHot Whe…
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Baidu. It is a chinese based web service company from Beijing.
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1. ?, 2. Dell, 3. Guinness, 4. Wilson, 5. ?, 6. Starbucks coffee, 7. Bacardi, 8. Warner brothers, 9. Puma, 10. Michelin, 11. Holiday in, 12. Unilever, 13. ?, 14. ?, 15. Rolex.........
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A Panda logo can relate to either: World Wildlife Fund (WWF)Panda Drinks (a soft drink/pop/soda company)Hello Panda (a biscuit company from Japan)
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Chanelto me that sounds like chanelChanel, the clothing line.
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