How and when did you come up with the idea for a time-sensitive photo sharing app?

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What does pmsl mean on facebook?

What does pmsl mean on facebook?

Pissing Myself Laughing. Mostly it's not literally meant but it's commonly used when something strikes someone as extremely funny. Somewhat an alternative for rofl or lmao.

What does sub mean on Facebook?

SUB " means to talk about someone with out adding their name . It comes from the word " Subliminal " . ;'] #Smartsss IE. Why he PM'n me ? ( The sub goes to = who ever he is ]

What does Facebook mean?

facebook is a site where you can talk to old friends and upload photos it is easy to find people too
What does tay tay mean on Facebook?

What does tay tay mean on Facebook?

  What is TAY?   TAY is "Thinking About You"   TAY Definition / TAY Means   The definition of TAY is "Thinking About You"   The Meaning of TAY   TAY means

What does Facebook means?

Facebook is a site which connects Billions of people. With this site one can connect with their family, friends etc. According to me, literally 'Facebook' means a collections